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La Maison Gonzagues is one of the last existing big town houses of Cotignac. It has played host to numerous high-profile families and it has now been restored faithfully in the style and spirit of the 18th century. You will be accommodated in one of the 5 spacious rooms available, all fitted out with old style furniture, some of it dating back centuries:

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"Jouy": a 40 m2 bedroom reminiscent of the past centuries. It has a big room with a fire place, a spectacular bathroom, separate toilets and a cupboard. It is dominated by 'Jouy' style material.

"Louis XIV": this 35 m2 bedroom reminds one of the King's visit to Cotignac. It consists of a room with a fireplace, a huge four poster bed, separate toilets and a pretty bathroom with Salernes tiling.

"Marseillaise": in the style of 19th century Marseille, this bedroom, with its furniture and contrasting colours puts one in mind of the bedrooms of our grandparents. It consists of a big room with a canopied bed, separate toilets and a bathroom with Salernes ivory tiling.

"Marie-Louise": this bedroom is coloured like the Provence, with immense wooden beams.

"Monacale": the more sober style. It also features Provençal style furniture such as a 'litoche' (a typical type of bed from the region) and a 'radassier' (a wooden canapé type of double armchair with straw backing) and also a bathroom which puts one in mind of the 'souillardes'of yesteryear - the small sculleries which had water basins in them.
Hôtel Particulier du XVIIIème siècle - Chambres et Table d'Hôtes
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